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Pat Lundvall: “Women to Watch” Award from Nevada Business Magazine

McDonald Carano congratulates Pat Lundvall on being selected as one of 12 “Women to Watch” featured in the August issue of Nevada Business Magazine. A statewide committee of judges chose the honorees based on their histories in Nevada, leadership, careers, and legacies. Women to Watch are selected because they are “trailblazers, leaders, influencers, and mentors. They are decision makers, difference makers, and change agents. She is a woman who doesn’t back down from a challenge, she embraces it. Goal-oriented and outstanding in their field, they are well respected women who help elevate their peers. They are women that others look up to for their success and perseverance.” 

We congratulate Pat on receiving this recognition of her accomplishments, her contributions to the State of Nevada, and her guidance for the next generation of women leaders in Nevada.

Pat’s Interview

Pat’s selection as a Woman to Watch includes an interview in the August issue of Nevada Business Magazine which is available here and provided below.

What do you love about Nevada?

Everything! Particularly from a business standpoint, it is a community that does not discriminate. Green is the only required demographic.

What made you want to be an attorney?

Competition is the common denominator to all aspects of my life. Being the middle child in a family of 13 – six brothers, six sisters, six older, and six younger – my competitive instincts were honed at an early age. As a competitor I am blessed that the law, in particular litigation, chose me.

If you could meet a woman from any time in history, who would it be?

Any suffragette – one of life’s most important rights is the right to elect those who wish to serve in a representative position. Without that right granted to all human beings under our Constitution, all others pale in comparison.

Who was a mentor or role model who had a significant impact on your life?

My Mother – even with 13 children she always worked outside the home and was the principal breadwinner for most of her life. I recall her duct-taping her shoes together so we kids had new shoes to wear to church.

What lessons do you wish you had learned early in your career?

You cannot please or satisfy everyone. Don’t waste your time on your non-believers.

How can women develop leadership skills?

Stand in the middle of the room, not at its edges. Sit at the grown-ups table. Put yourself in the game. Speak up and do so confidently. Do not allow others to speak over the top of you.

How do you encourage the women you work with or mentor to not give up?

Stop focusing on the fact that you are a woman – doing so only gives you an easy or convenient excuse to quit. You cannot succeed when you quit.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I never compromised my principles or stepped over the line. For example, I served nine years on the Nevada State Athletic Commission and was its first woman Chair. It was a public service function for which I received no compensation. Protecting the health and safety of the athletes that fought in Nevada was a responsibility I took very seriously.

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