Celebrating 75 Years of Serving Nevada’s Legal, Business, Government, and Civic Communities

McDonald Carano Awarded Recertification in Meritas,
the Leading Global Alliance of Independent Business Law Firms

McDonald Carano proudly announces earning recertification in Meritas, the leading global alliance of independent full-service business law firms. McDonald Carano joined Meritas in 1990 as a founding member and we are the only Nevada member firm serving the local needs of clients from other Meritas member firms that are located throughout the U.S. and in nearly 100 countries. Our membership in Meritas also provides our clients with a time-saving gateway to more than 170 Meritas member firms around the world whose credentials, expertise, and client satisfaction are thoroughly assessed, verified, and monitored. Leo Bergin and Matt Addison serve as Meritas Member Contacts in our Reno office. Andy Gabriel and Amanda Yen serve as Meritas Member Contacts in our Las Vegas office.

McDonald Carano Achieves Highest Satisfaction Score
After every referral, Meritas generates an evaluation form that measures client satisfaction and the law firm’s performance. The results determine a member firm’s Satisfaction Index score. McDonald Carano proudly announces receiving the highest satisfaction score of 5 out of 5, which is posted on our page on the Meritas website. “Businesses trust the Meritas alliance of law firms for top-tier quality, convenience, consistency and value,” said Sona Pancholy, President of Meritas. “McDonald Carano has demonstrated its commitment to world-class legal standards, and therefore has successfully earned its recertification in Meritas.”

Strict Criteria for Meritas Membership
Membership in Meritas is highly selective. Membership is by invitation only, firms are accepted only after extensive due diligence, client satisfaction is constantly tracked through a Quality Assurance Program, and all firms undergo a comprehensive recertification process every three years. Mertias’ rigorous, disciplined, and analytical approach assures clients receive the highest standards of legal assistance and exceptional service. Meritas makes sure that every need and every relationship receive the same level of personal attention and care.

Recertification and Quality Assurance
During more than 30 years in Meritas, McDonald Carano has successfully completed 10 required recertification processes to maintain our membership. The re-evaluation process includes a unique Quality Assurance Program that utilizes client feedback and peer review from other member law firms in the following categories.

  • Responsiveness and Client Service
  • Understanding Client’s Needs
  • Project Management
  • Legal Knowledge
  • Cost Effectiveness

“Our values of quality service and client satisfaction align with the Meritas mission to provide a safe and responsive global service offering to clients. We have successfully collaborated with colleagues in many jurisdictions around the world to solve client issues and help them seize opportunities,” said George F. Ogilvie III, Managing Partner of McDonald Carano. McDonald Carano is proud to provide the highest quality legal expertise in Nevada to the clients of our Meritas colleague firms, and we are honored to offer to our clients the outstanding legal expertise of Meritas member firms around the world.

About McDonald Carano

In 2024, McDonald Carano celebrates 75 years of serving Nevada’s legal, business, government, and civic communities. More than 60 lawyers and government relations professionals serve Nevada, national, and international clients from our offices in Reno, Las Vegas, and Carson City. McDonald Carano provides legal services and government affairs and advocacy advice to startups, corporations, private companies, trade associations, nonprofits, public entities, high-net-worth individuals, and family offices throughout Nevada. We are proud to be your Nevada law firm since 1949.

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