Government Affairs & Advocacy Nevada Update – April 6, 2020

COVID-19 Daily Update
April 6, 2020
Our Government Affairs & Advocacy Team is dedicated to keeping you informed of pertinent information as we continue facing the novel coronavirus. We will be providing daily updates on the matter over the course of the next few weeks.
Please continue to refer to our Firm website for resources and information:

COVID-19 Daily Update
April 6, 2020
Our Government Affairs & Advocacy Team is dedicated to keeping you informed of pertinent information as we continue facing the novel coronavirus. We will be providing daily updates on the matter over the course of the next few weeks.
Please continue to refer to our Firm website for resources and information:

State and Local News
Monday Evening Governor Sisolak Press Conference
Nevada’s Peak? – Governor Steve Sisolak just concluded his most recent press conference on Nevada’s efforts to mitigate coronavirus. Notably, the Governor was unwilling to commit to a date or even a time frame when Nevada’s coronavirus patient numbers and deaths would peak but he emphasized he is regularly communicating with the state’s medical professionals. Governor Sisolak says he is taking the response day-by-day and warned Nevadans to not be tempted to participate in large gatherings surrounding the upcoming Easter and Passover holidays. Medical experts, however, are predicting Nevada’s peak to occur in the next two to three weeks.

Testing Kits, Ventilators & PPE – Governor Sisolak announced that testing kits at UNLV are expected to run out tomorrow and swabs from the state lab are already gone. Nevada has 838 ventilators statewide, and of those 372 are in use treating coronavirus patients. The state has submitted a request to FEMA for 450 additional ventilators, which will be granted and received 72-hours before the state’s projected surge. In response to the Governor’s emergency regulation restricting the hoarding of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, the Governor confirmed that Nevada does not have access to large amounts of the drugs, and referred to those seeking them to contact the Board of Pharmacy and State Medical Board. While wearing masks is not a mandate, he strongly encouraged Nevadans to utilize a form of coverage when in public, including make shift masks, such as bandanas and scarfs.

Nevada Hero of the Day – Through all of the confusion this pandemic brings, one aspect everyone can agree to lies in the fact that our doctors, nurses, police and EMS officers, teachers, and anyone else on the front line continue to do their absolute best for Nevada’s residents. The Governor has proposed that Nevadans nominate an individual and send a picture along with a brief summary of why they are a hero to, or by calling (775) 687-0437. If you have a hero in your life, please take a moment to recognize them in this way.

Nevada Declaration of Emergency – Governor Steve Sisolak’s request for a Major Disaster Declaration for the State of Nevada in response to the coronavirus pandemic was approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on Saturday. The request was made in a letter to President Donald Trump last week. By unlocking the federal assistance, Governor Sisolak stated the aid will help Nevada respond and recover effectively and more efficiently thanks to the federal assistance program.

Battle Born Medical Corps – As healthcare workers continue their fight against the coronavirus, Governor Sisolak has called upon healthcare providers, behavioral health professionals, and health care administrators to join the newly formed Battle Born Medical Corps to help expand Nevada’s medical care capacity. The movement came to fruition after the Governor signed Emergency Directive 011, which waived certain licensing requirements needed to practice medicine in the state of Nevada. The hope is that doctors, nurses, EMTs, medical students and retired healthcare providers who have not been fully licensed yet will be able to bypass the red tape and immediately start working to provide essential care for coronavirus patients. Information to join the Battle Born Medical Corps can be found here.

California Minimum Wage Roll-Out Delay – California’s minimum wage law, revised in 2016 to guarantee a gradual increase up to $15 by 2021 for large businesses and 2023 for small businesses, includes a provision that accounts for the possibility of a significant economic downtown. The legislation also provides California Governor Gavin Newsom with two options to delay the increase. The first requires the Governor’s Finance Director to determine that unemployment has risen, and sales and tax receipts have fallen. The second requires the Finance Director to estimate a significant state budget deficit. Such a decision from Governor Newsom is not likely without a fight from labor unions who argue that low-income workers will emerge from this pandemic needing an increase in pay more than ever. Nevada’s law, which provides for a gradual minimum wage increase up to $12, was passed in the 2019 legislative session and does not include language that allows for a delay.

Local Government Regulation – In his third emergency directive ordering the closure of all non-essential businesses in Nevada, Governor Sisolak deferred enforcement and regulation to the discretion of individual local governments. Here’s a glance at how Nevada’s largest local jurisdictions are adapting their requirements in response to the coronavirus:
Clark County
• Penalties and late fees will not be assessed on business licenses that become due during April, May or June 2020.
• The status of the business license will be not be changed to delinquent status for license fees that become due during April, May or June 2020.
• Collaborating with business owners to allow payment plans for renewal fees.
• No disciplinary action for business license fee payments submitted after the due date.
City of Las Vegas
• A 60-day grace period for business license renewals with due dates of March 1 or April 1.
• Options to close general or privileged licenses and no cost to reinstate them.
• A liquor and gaming license option to pay a reduced fee during the temporary closure.
• A video inspection program as an alternative to traditional in-person inspections. Those with eligible permit types can opt to schedule an inspection using Skype.
City of Henderson
• The City will not assess interest or late fees on delinquent payment of license renewal fees.
• City issued business licenses will not expire or be revoked for delinquent payments.
City of Reno
• 90-day deferral on all license types
• Annual license fees to be prorated to account for the length of the shutdown order
Washoe County
• Possible action pending by Commission.
City of Sparks
• No update or action taken at this time by Council or City Manager.

Federal Government Developments
4th Stimulus Bill? – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is forging ahead on her plans to develop another coronavirus-related stimulus relief package to address the ongoing public health crisis, potentially the fourth to pass out of Congress. In a letter addressed to House members over the weekend, Speaker Pelosi indicated her plan to bring the bill to the House floor later this month. Both the House and Senate are slated to return to Washington on April 20th, but the reconvening date is dependent on the spread of the coronavirus. In her letter, Speaker Pelosi stated she wants to extend and expand legislation that will further assist small businesses, including farmers, and strengthen unemployment benefits including a second round of direct payments to Americans. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, however, called the need for a fourth round of legislation “premature,” and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy echoed McConnell’s criticism.
Small Business Loans – After the launch of the Paycheck Protection Program last Friday which allows small businesses to receive loans to keep employees on payroll and make ends meet, the first full day showed that 17,503 loans valued at $5.4 billion were processed. As more small businesses continue to apply for the program, the President announced that faith-based organizations are also eligible for the program. A record breaking 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment last week, staggering numbers that officials hope will level out as more businesses continue to apply for the loan.

COVID-19 Numbers in Nevada
These numbers are accurate as of 6:00 p.m. Monday, April 6.
• There are 1,953 positive cases in Nevada.
• Clark County has 1,608 confirmed cases. Of those, 371 are hospitalized and the number recovered is unknown.
• Washoe County has 281 confirmed cases. Of those, 30 have recovered.
• Carson City has 11 confirmed cases. Of those, one (1) has recovered.
• Douglas County has seven (7) confirmed cases. Of those (1) has recovered.
• Elko County has eight (8) confirmed cases. Of those, three (3) have recovered
• Lyon County has two (2) confirmed case.
• Humboldt County has 11 confirmed case.
• White Pine County has one (1) confirmed case.
• Nye County has nine (9) confirmed case. Of those, two (2) have recovered.
• Nevada has reported 46 fatalities from the coronavirus, 41 of which occurred in Clark County, four (4) occurred in Washoe County, and one (1) occurred in Elko County.
• Over 19,000 people have been tested.
• Further statistical data can be found here: DHHS Coronavirus Statistics in Nevada

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