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Do’s and Don’ts for Employers
Encouraging Employees to Vote

Election Insights from Government Relations and Lobbying Lawyers

Casting a ballot is one of the greatest responsibilities we have as Americans and employers have a unique opportunity to educate and encourage employee participation in the election process. Some employees may not know how to register or the options available to them for casting a ballot. Some employers may have concerns about how to communicate election related information to employees. To help employers help their employees, Josh Hicks and Lindsay Knox of McDonald Carano’s Government Affairs & Advocacy Group published an article in the Retail Association of Nevada’s newsletter that provides employers with important information and resources about registering to vote, casting a ballot, and do’s and don’ts for employers communicating with employees. The content of their article is outlined below. Please click here to read the full article.

Communicating with Employees – Do’s

  • Do provide election information to employees
  • Do invite candidates into the workplace to meet with employees
  • Do provide employees time off to vote
  • Do encourage employees to become educated on the issues and candidates
  • Do remind employees to vote

Communicating with Employees – Don’ts

  • Don’t pressure employees to vote a certain way
  • Don’t promise something of value for a vote
  • Don’t ask employees to make financial contributions to candidates or promise an employee reimbursement for their political contributions
  • Don’t allow employees to set up betting pools on an election

Voter Registration

  • How and when to register
  • Identifying and changing party affiliation or non-affiliation
  • Eligibility requirements

Casting a Ballot

  • Three options
  • Early voting

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