Saving our Voiceless Companions, One Life at a Time

2017, Civil, The University of the Pacific Law Review/Vol. 48

In November 2013, Shy Guy, a malnourished and scared hound mix, lay on a piercingly cold, steel surgical table.  A veterinarian euthanized Shy Guy in order to take a tiny sample of his jawbone, and then discarded Shy Guy into a black, plastic trash bag. Just eight weeks prior, during an experiment conducted at Georgia Regents University, six dogs, including Shy Guy, had their teeth removed and replaced with dental implants. Shy Guy “stopped breathing on the surgical table during the removal of his teeth,” only to survive six more weeks before he was euthanized.

Georgia Regents University and many other research facilities conduct unnecessary experiments and replace dogs’ teeth with FDA approved, human dental implants. During the last moments of their lives, Shy Guy, and the other 65,000 dogs sold to research facilities each year, endure numerous unnecessary and painful procedures that leave them mutilated until the animal dies or researchers euthanize and dispose of the animals’ bodies. Many of these research facilities decline to use alternative means for research and, rather than conducting tests required by law or for the progression of science, they test animals purely for profit.  To read entire article click here.

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