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10 Top Ranked Attorneys in Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business 2023

McDonald Carano proudly announces that Chambers USA: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business awarded prestigious rankings to 10 attorneys covering six areas of legal expertise in our Reno and Las Vegas offices. Chambers’ ranking process includes confidential surveys and interviews with clients to assess “legal ability, client service, commercial astuteness, professional conduct, diligence, and commitment.” The Table below provides the comments that clients shared with Chambers researchers for each ranked attorney. We congratulate these attorneys on delivering the outstanding results and service that lead to their prestigious rankings. We also congratulate Robert Armstrong and Scott Swain on the Band 1 rankings they received in a separate publication titled Chambers High Net Worth Guide which focuses only on Trust & Estates Law.

  1. A.G. Burnett, Gaming & Licensing Law – click here to read client comments
  2. Andrew Gabriel, Real Estate Law and Corporate/Commercial Law – click here to read client comments
  3. Greg Giordano, Gaming & Licensing Law – click here to read client comments
  4. Dennis Gutwald, Gaming & Licensing Law – click here to read client comments
  5. Sylvia Harrison, Environmental Law – click here to read client comments
  6. A.J. “Bud” Hicks, Gaming & Licensing Law – click here to read client comments
  7. Adam Hosmer-Henner, Commercial Litigation – click here to read client comments
  8. Pat Lundvall, Commercial Litigation – click here to read client comments
  9. Rob McPeak, Real Estate Law – click here to read client comments
  10. George Ogilvie, Construction Litigation – click here to read client comments
Attorney Rankings Client Comments

Band 1 in Gaming & Licensing Law-Nevada

Band 2 in Gaming & Licensing Law-U.S./Nationwide

  • “He’s got unbelievable insight into the gaming regulatory world.”
  • “A.G. is a dynamic team player who strives for win/win solutions to complex problems.” 
  • “He has a great network within the gaming regulatory community and he uniquely understands how the regulators think about things.” 
  • “A.G. is incredibly knowledgeable and is an excellent lawyer.” 
  • “He comes up with practical solutions for complicated problems.”

Band 1 in Real Estate Law

Band 2 in Corporate/Commercial 

  • “Andy is a particularly well-respected attorney.” 
  • “He is a very good lawyer.” 
  • “Andy is a problem solver and very easy to work with.”
  • “He is a very strong attorney.”

Band 2 in Gaming & Licensing Law-Nevada

Band 3 in Gaming & Licensing Law-U.S./Nationwide

  • “Greg has a valuable perspective on the practical realities of how investigations work and how to guide clients through the process.” 
  • “Greg is very knowledgeable, and he has deep experience, good judgment and people skills.” 
  • “Greg has a strong understanding of the law and the execution required to deliver compelling results.” 
  • “Greg is incredibly knowledgeable on M&A strategy.” 
  • “Greg is an academic lawyer who can dig into legal issues and provide solutions to complex problems.” 
  • “He is very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with.” 
  • “Greg is a really smart and strong lawyer.”

Band 3 in Gaming & Licensing Law-Nevada

  • “Dennis is a really hard worker, and he’s very knowledgeable about what’s needed for a gaming application.” 
  • “He researches matters efficiently and very timely.” 
  • “Dennis is knowledgeable and easy to work with.” 
  • “He is a brilliant lawyer.”

Band 2 in Environmental Law

  • “Sylvia is a good operator whom we hold in very high regard.”
  • “We have engaged her on an array of environmental matters and have found her to be extremely knowledgeable and efficient.” 
  • “She is a very high-caliber, top-notch lawyer, especially on water rights and permitting issues as well as public utility work.” 
  • “Sylvia has deep knowledge of the subject matter and is able to deliver on complex project financings.” 
  • “Sylvia has brought a deep expertise in water law and a thoughtful approach to the litigation strategy.”

Senior Statesman in Gaming & Licensing Law 
  • “Bud is very knowledgeable about everything.”
  • “He is the be all and end all of gaming law.” 
  • “He is well known for his longstanding practice in the gaming space.” 
  • “Bud is an incredible Lawyer.”

Up & Coming in Commercial Litigation

  • “Adam is an extremely talented and hard-working attorney.” 
  • “He is outstanding in every sense.”
  • “He’s super smart, a great lawyer and likes to win.” 
  • “Adam embodies a rare talent for balancing deep case law knowledge, vision for navigating a path to the desired outcome, and exceptional written and verbal communication skills.”
  • “His ability to handle complex litigation is very important for identifying issues, and his writing, negotiation and oral skills are excellent.”

Band 1 in Commercial Litigation

  • “Pat is just outstanding.”
  • “Pat is highly respected in Nevada.”
  • “She is an outstanding strategic thinker.”
  • “Pat is very creative in crafting winning strategies.”
  • “She has an excellent in-court presence.”
  • “Pat is a goddess; meticulous and absolutely brilliant.”
  • “Pat is a zealous advocate and an excellent litigator.”
  • “She provides a clear understanding of the legal process every step of the way.”
  • “She is extremely knowledgeable and an expert in her field.”
  • “Pat is one of the best trial lawyers I’ve ever seen, possessing perseverance, tenacity, good judgment and composure under intense pressure.”
  • “Pat is our partner on serious litigation matters and has provided outstanding client service. She has our best interests in mind at all times.”

Band 3 in Real Estate Law

  • “Rob is fantastic from a technical perspective. Every problem that could have existed was there in our transaction but he was able to walk us through every issue, and was able to get them fixed.”
  • “He is intelligent, thorough and ensures our interests are protected.” 
  • “He has both knowledge and vast experience across the state, is very responsive and takes things very seriously.” 
  • “Robert is a smart and good lawyer who is pleasant to work with.”
  • “He has knowledge beyond his years, particularly on development projects, and is highly regarded.” 
  • “Rob was able to provide excellent assistance on a real estate lease matter.”

Band 1 in Construction Litigation

  • “George is an extremely good lawyer.” 
  • “He has a very good reputation in construction law cases, where he handles the larger matters.” 
  • “He is a consummate professional”
  • “George is a very experienced attorney with a very good reputation among lawyers and judges”

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