Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

For more than 70 years, McDonald Carano has prided itself on its commitment to the communities and clients it serves. During these pivotal times, we recognize that real change cannot occur without looking inward to acknowledge and understand our own biases. McDonald Carano is dedicated to having the difficult conversations necessary to educate ourselves and chart a path forward with a clearer vision of the issues our communities are facing. The insights gained will allow our firm to better serve and advocate for our clients.  We pledge to listen, learn, invest in, and make meaningful change.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee has started the work of analyzing and assessing our internal culture, including a thorough review of our diversity composition, aimed at identifying blind spots and growth opportunities within the firm. Long-term, we are committed to implementing internal training and best practices to address our shortcomings.  Additionally, we are seeking out opportunities at local high schools, universities, and law schools, exploring ways to deepen our community connections and advance our diversity initiatives.  To be more transparent, we are committed to sharing information about our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts as they take shape – here on this page.

Creating an environment where everyone feels valued and welcome will only strengthen McDonald Carano’s legacy. We may never be perfect, but we will continue to work to be better every day.

Committee Leadership

Amanda Perach

Committee Chair

Lindsay Knox

Committee Vice Chair

Mackenzie Warren

Committee Vice Chair