Celebrating 75 Years of Serving Nevada’s Legal, Business, Government, and Civic Communities

Welcome to McDonald Carano

Innovative Thinking. Demonstrated Knowledge. Practical Solutions.

At a Glance

McDonald Carano has helped shape Nevada’s legal, business and government landscape since our founding in 1949. With lawyers and government affairs professionals in offices in Reno, Las Vegas and Carson City, we are positioned to help our clients achieve success throughout the State. Our talented and highly qualified professionals have unparalleled ability to handle any client’s needs while providing personalized service. We are known for getting to yes because of the relationships and trust we have cultivated over decades of practice. Entrepreneurial thinking is at the heart of our full-service law practice and creativity makes up our institutional DNA. Our clients consistently value McDonald Carano’s longevity, reliability, commitment and practicality. Our comprehensive legal expertise; our government affairs, lobbying and advocacy experience; and our specialized industry knowledge give our clients the confidence they need to retain us again and again.

What We Do

McDonald Carano delivers cross-discipline, one-stop, business law and government affairs counsel.  We are known for developing consensus among perceived controversy, leveraging deep-rooted connections across industries and geographies, bridging gaps among divergent groups, and being the hardest workers in the room. Our attorneys are problem-solvers who think creatively to help close the most complicated transactions and solve the most complex litigation. Our transactions practice protects our client’s position while getting the deal done. Our lawyers are focused on each client’s specific business objectives and bottom line. We have a keen instinct for business-friendly approaches and a mastery of collaborative efforts. We are unrestrained in terms of ingenuity, and we balance that ingenuity with practical solutions based on historical perspective, experience, efficiency, and agility. Our litigators are tireless advocates who have navigated through many of the most complex, contentious, and high stakes claims. Whether through negotiation, diplomacy, advocacy, trial, or appeal, our litigation team provides thoughtful, steadfast, and strategic advice on every matter, every day.

Who We Serve

Our commitment to clients is unwavering. We represent startups, corporations, trade associations, non-profit organizations, government entities, investors, and public-private partnerships throughout Nevada. We represent Fortune 500 companies, global law firms whose clients have interests in Nevada, entrepreneurs and pioneering businesses, and companies expanding and relocating to Nevada. We have experience serving clients in nearly every sector of the economy, including entertainment, gaming, lodging, construction, real estate, housing, finance, insurance, technology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, telecommunications, industrial, manufacturing, utilities, power, renewable energy, transportation, infrastructure, mining, agriculture, tourism, and more. Our clients also include high-net-worth individuals seeking to protect their hard-earned wealth under Nevada’s favorable tax laws, as well as entrepreneurs and investors focused on maximizing their stake in Nevada’s business-friendly economic and regulatory climate.  

Nevada Connection

We help clients access NevadaMcDonald Carano means instant state-wide name recognition. We know Nevada law and government, the Nevada courts, and Nevada’s regulatory and economic development process inside and out, saving clients time and resources. Our history is grounded not only in outstanding legal counsel and formidable advocacy, but also in the continuous cultivation of access to local, state and federal government institutions and officials, business leaders, and community stewards. We integrate government affairs and the practice of law so that our clients are afforded solutions on any level and in any venue. State, national and international businesses rely on and benefit from the depth and breadth we deliver throughout Nevada – and the real time speed of our advice and counselClients appreciate that we are highly regarded, well-received and trusted by members of the legal, business and government communities because of our reputation for integrity. We frequently partner with some of the world’s largest law firms that regularly select McDonald Carano to represent their clients when Nevada counsel is required. These firms respect our ability to deliver excellent legal counsel and they appreciate knowing we will care for their clients as if they were our own, without appropriating them.

Global Perspective

Our firm delivers local credibility with international reach. We create the legal framework to realize each client’s “big picture” objectives in Nevada in the context of business goals and operations that may reach beyond Nevada state lines. McDonald Carano is a founding member and the only Nevada member of Meritas, a network of independent law firms in more than 90 countries. Through our association with more than 185 highly qualified, vetted and regularly recertified law firms located around the world, we provide clients with access to the skills, experience and knowledge of more than 8,200 attorneys, which is a distinct advantage for clients facing the challenges of global business. We are also the only Nevada  member of State Law Resources, a network of independent law firms providing clients with the most effective and efficient state capitol connections across the U.S. for administrative, regulatory and government relations counsel. Only one firm from each state is selected for inclusion in State Law Resources.

Pioneering Spirit

We are constantly evolving to meet our clients’ needs. McDonald Carano attorneys and staff are focused on staying ahead of the curve and at the forefront of innovation when it comes to technology, market trends and the opportunities and challenges facing our clients. We utilize advanced technologies, particularly with litigation involving complex data analytics and tens of millions of documents, to synthesize and leverage information quickly and efficiently. Our absolute willingness to embrace new ideas and better ways of practicing law to create complete client satisfaction is at the core of what we are as an institution.

Winning Team

McDonald Carano is about extraordinary people and unprecedented collegiality. In everything we do, we strive to be the best. Many of our attorneys have an LLM, CPA, MBA, or Ph.D. in addition to a law degree. We are dedicated to recruiting lawyers and professional staff who are knowledgeable and talented, and offer distinction in the law combined with practical business know-how. Many of our government affairs professionals have backgrounds serving in government and in government agencies, and they are particularly adept at using the legislative process to create an environment that benefits our clients and ensures that our state remains favorable to commerce. We insist on and actively cultivate a culture that is both personable and approachable allowing for true collaboration and teamwork. As a team, we offer proven instincts when it comes to knowing what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. We also know what not to do and why.